Digital places to go…

Work in Progress, I’ll keep this visible as it gets updated over time.

Back in the day, we would call this a blog-roll. I look at it as a reference to some of my favorite sites, forums, and online dealers.

This is a living list, and places will be added as I discover and vet them, and others will be removed when they eventually manage to piss me off.

Usual Suspect Network – More than just a knife forum, much more really. A fantastic walled off community that takes care of their own. “Come for the knives, stay for the people”.

WatchFreeks – A wonderful, smaller and more intimate watch enthusiast forum without the general drama that is prevalent in other watch forums. I have been a moderator over there for years, so stop in and say hi.

Prometheus Design Works – Founded by one of the founders of Triple Aught Design, an excellent source of well made gear and limited items. #PDWLife