So, what have I been up to?

There have been a few blogs in this space before over the years, going back to Blogspot and Livejournal days, and then to self hosted sites that I always had a hard time keeping up with.

Why am I doing this again?

That is a great question and I have no answer for it. Maybe i am just a glutton for punishment, maybe I need another outlet that Twitter, Instagram, and the others aren’t providing. Maybe this will be my “safe space”. I have a number of hobbies and projects going on, and I hope that having somewhere to showcase them might help motivate me.

Wait, who are you?

Oh, right, you don’t know… I am Garrick. I’m a guy on the internet. Have been for a long time (technically before the WWW stood up in 1993). You can buy domains, and host websites and “blogs” on them, and that is what I did here.

Right, but WHO are you?

Hmm… I’m a dad and a husband. I’m a bit of a geek about all sorts of things. I’m a combat veteran. I am a hobbyist, but those hobbies change so often I won’t bother listing them here. You’ll get a feel for what gets me going from my posts.

Do I know you from somewhere?

Sure, maybe? I’m on Twitter (not really, I haven’t been active in a couple years, but I still check in and lurk from time to time). I am pretty active on Instagram. I am a moderator on a watch enthusiast forum called WatchFreeks. I am very active on the Usual Suspect Network (if you know, you know). I currently live and work in the DC Metro area. I have been a civil servant for a number of years now doing various things that I won’t talk about here.

Why should I read this site?

Well, you read this far for some reason? This site is for me, not you. If you like it, then we probably should be friends because you must like some of the same things I do. Or maybe we can hate the same things together. That is always fun.

How do I contact you?

A long time ago I decided to forgo comments on my sites. It became a full time job filtering spam and unwanted comments. So, if you want to talk to me about something I posted here, or anything else for that matter, hit me up by email at, or ping me on social media like Twitter, Instagram, or on one of the many forums I frequent.