Busy as hell…

So, I rebooted my site, and just so anyone looking at it doesn’t think I am completely ignoring it, I have nearly finished drafts for about 20 articles in the hopper right now. Mostly, they are waiting for me to break out my light box and takes some decent pictures to go with them. 
I recently started a new job, and because it’s in the budget world and this is the end of the fiscal year, it have had little time for anything other than overtime at work, and leadership duties with our BPSA Scout Group (www.17thBlackBears.org). Starting next week I should have more free time and will get this page rolling again. 

Expect a bunch of watch reviews (new and old), my thoughts after attending the WatchBuys DC Roadshow a couple weekends ago, lots of knife and camping gear stuff, and more.  

Now, if you’ll excuse me, the fiscal year ends in a little over 12 hours and it is complete Armageddon around here today.